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of militia men stopping to show us the video footage that you mentioned. it is rather gruesome and we haven't been able to independently confirm but it shows the body of what looks like gadhafi, either in the back of a vehicle or on the ground shirtless with blood around his head. he appears to have a bullet hole in his neck or back of his head. we met militia men that reportedly saw the bodies of his son, also in the back of an ambulance. and then we -- militia men with tokens of items that belongeded to gadhafi including a ring and hat and 9 millimeter gun and bottle of shampoo taken from his hideout in sirte. >> as you're mentioning, the u.s. government has not confirmed this death as of yet. as you have been speaking with those militia men on the side of the road, as you've been taking that trip to misratah have they indicated, any of them, that they doubt the reports that are out there right now that indeed gadhafi is dead. >> no, there's been no expression of doubt. the one thing we have been very certain about with our reporting is the mood. everybody here is excited, jubilant and re
rather than prepare for the weather would be irresponsible. joining us from d.c., luke russert and jonathan capehart. good morning -- it's afternoon, 30 seconds after. luke, i'll begin with you, what is the reaction to the president today. >> reporter: well, the reaction of the capitol hill, john boehner said he's trying to work with the president to find common ground on solutions they can both support to help the economy. the house passed today that one part of the president's jobs bill, that repeal, 3% holding tax that aรง lot of businesses were unhappy with. john boehner mentioned the free trade agreement. when it comes to what the president wants to do for the future of the country and what house republicans want to do, there is still a very deep divide. there's absolutely no appetite from house republicans for a big stimulus package. the president wants close to what the jobs bill was. even when broken in pieces it meets a brick wall. there's not a lot of appetite at the white house with the gop, talking about the forgotten 15 job creating measures. a lot of those have t
hill. luke, democrats planned to use this against the gop during the election, saying that they have stopped jobs measures, stopped the creation of jobs. do republicans consider that? are they concerned about that at all? >> richard, this series of votes on the president's jobs bill really have been political more than anything else. it's well known that even if this bill were to pass the united states senate which is controlled by democrats, it would go nowhere in the house of representatives. it's controlled by republicans. what you're seeing is a series of votes squarely done for decision 2012 politics. last night, with all the republicans voted against it, you better believe democrat also make ads saying so and so running for president or senate or congress in the house, they voted against giving money to firefighters and teachers. they want to get these things they believe to be political viable, democrats do, they want republicans to vote against them and continue this moving forward. what's up next? we suspect there will be another smaller bit of the president's jobs bill this
is also the author of the high beta rich. robert, thanks for being with us. looking at some of the poll numbers no doubt as we have been watching the race for 2012. let's show of that right here. the poll found 43% of americans agree with occupy wall street at the moment. and it seems to be growing. compared to the 27% who disagree. as you can see on the screen right now. the movement has shown no political bent at the moment. does it help, though, democrats? >> well i think whatever side you take in the class war, and we do have a class war right now, the facts are the facts. and the facts are these. the incomes for the top 1% have nearly tripled over the past 30 years. the top 1% of earners now own more than 20% of the income. they also control more than 1/3 of this country's wealth. whatever party you belong to, it is clear this is an economy that benefits those at the top, and is largely left behind the other 99%. you can't argue with that. >> also part of this, robert to follow along this new cbs/"new york times" poll, it also says that 69% of respondents think that
conference joins us live today. it is nice to see you. the headline is supposed to be the flat tax plan. instead, he is still talking about this birther issue. >> absolutely. i gave him several chances to put the issue to rest as he was preparing to unveil his tax plan. he didn't take them. i think that was deliberate on his part. he is trying to consolidate support on the right. he came in with strong support from social conservatives. he is trying to get economic conservatives and people on the right who share those concerns about where president obama was born. other mainstream republican candidates, mitt romney, for one, says we consider that issue put to bed. not mitt romney with several chances to put it down, he wouldn't do it. >> we were just watching a portion of your interview there. something else he said was that he didn't care about how america's wealthiest seemed to benefit from this tax plan. what he cexactly did he mean by this? >> i suppose he expounded on this. >> he did. he says he doesn't believe in progressive tax system. he doesn't care if his tax plans give millio
and reach some areas. it's an apartment building, mixed use. the destruction very heavy where we are today but there are other pockets of the city that are virtually untouched where buildings are still standing, earlier, before nightfall today we were focusing in on a building near the university in this town of ercis where rescue crews were focusing on trying to find people that they thought were still alive in this building. a six-story building had businesses on the ground floor, but housed families and university students in that building. so a lot of emotion there, as family members and friends were waiting word, and also as rescue crews were scambling now at night and also in the cold weather. ercis of course just one part of this story. further, about 60 miles away in van, also a heavy hit area, a bigger city, and all along this route around this lake van area, this region that's close to the iranian border, you've got a lot of smaller villages with buildings that are mostly made of mud. so far, though, we have seen the destruction greatest in these cities. veronica? >> michelle fra
and cannot affect u.s. interests around the world. and we have done an outstanding job, i think, in going after directly al qaeda in this border region between pakistan and afghanistan. we could not have been as successful as we have been without the cooperation of the pakistan government. and so on a whole range of issues they have been an effective partner with us. what is also true is that our goal of being able to transition out of afghanistan and leave a stable government behind, one that is independent, one that is respectful of human rights, one that is democratic, that pakistan, i think has been more a.mbivalent about some of our goals there. you know, i think that they have hedged their bets in terms of what afghanistan would look like and part of hedging their but is having interactions with some of the unsavory characters who they think might end up regaining power in afghanistan after coalition forces have left. what we've tried to persuade pakistan of is that it is in their interest to have a stable afghanistan, that they should not be feeling threatened by a stable
into the politics of passing the president's jobs bill? >> well, the republicans are going to use it as you just heard speaker boehner and point to that 9.1% figure. they're going to say, look, this is an indication that president's policies have failed, that this jobs bill is just another stimulus plan which of course that stimulus plan didn't add the amount of jobs that it initially intended to. and then you're going to hear the president make the case, look, this is an indication that urgent action needs to be taken. we saw him point to that yesterday during a news conference when he said that if the jobs bill isn't passed we run the risk of potentially slipping into another recession. so both sides are going to see what they want in these numbers, craig. >> nbc's kristen welker from the white house on this friday afternoon. >>> let's take a closer look at what's inside the jobs report now. helping us do that, an economics professor from the university of maryland, also the former chief economist at the u.s. international trade commission. good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon. >> let's star
a page from occupy wall street. really resonating a lot with issues that protesters in the u.s. mentioned including taking their platform of, we are the 99%. here, near st. paul's cathedral, they are occupying this space here np why this space? because it is right in the center of the financial district and close to their intended target of where they wanted to march this past weekend, the london stock exchange. police barricaded that area. they are kept here and able to stay in this space. they've got the permission from the church, which takes care of the space. with the exception that they do not detour tourists from going into that cathedral. global protests over the weekend, biggest in rome, heating up this weekend where demonstrators clash with police. here in london, mostly peaceful. police officers are certainly harnd but they have stepped back a little bit. that has helped with the tension. but richard, they are only in their third day of their occupy london protest. they are organizing but holding a lot of same meetings going on in the u.s. and grappling with a lot of the same c
it and you're telling us we have to go to the association. that's sad. >> the place to go for an answer if there was a settlement. >> ken vogel co-authored the report with two others. i'm sure you heard the answer from mr. cain. let me get the reaction to his denial. >> what he's saying is he never sexually harassed someone. clearly there were allegations of sexual harassment. he's saying he didn't perceive his behavior to be sexual harassment. we have allegations from two women. we've actually seen a settlement document that one of the women reached that details the allegation and actually delivers this five-figure settlement that includes a non-disclosure agreement. clearly there are sensitivities here. that's why we didn't name these women. nonetheless, there's been no denial of the fact there were these settlements. >> ken, how did this story come about for folks who haven't been following it closely? >> well, we got a tip, and we're not going to go into the source of that tip, but we ran it down and we corroborated it through many interviews with folks who worked at the association
up there that i like are on another planet. stop talking to us about why the other guy comes up short. >> the rhetoric also pales in the face of this harsh reality. from the official end of the recession in june, 2009 through this past june, median incomes fell 6.7%. more than double the 3.2% decline that took place during the recession. and that's people who have jobs. u.s. unemployment is 9.1%. and well above that in states with early primaries like nevada, south carolina, and florida. >> it is the first time in 30 years or so where you really have existential questions about the classic american question of will the next generation be better off than we were, and the answer now is no. >> john harwood, cnbc correspondent, and writer for "the new york times." john, good afternoon to you. >> craig, i think i'm even more depressed listening to the opening than i was sitting in the chair. >> sometimes truth can bring you down. your piece this morning, in that piece you note what many have been saying. folks are mad at washington, but you also point out that washington is mad at itself.
of hypocrisy for us to dedicate a memorial and not deal with the d a unemployed that dr. king died fighting for. we also in the justice part are dealing with the fact we have serious threats to the voting rights act. when we look at the voter express techniques, there has been no outcry about protecting our right to vote. so from jobs to justice, we need to deal with this. >> why do you think that is? because we just heard from john harwood, this poll that just came out, it shows that an overwhelming number of people in this country when asked support additional taxes on the wealthy. and overwhelming number of people in this country when asked support the president's jobs bill. why do you think there is such a disconnect between people hen asked and legislators in washington? >> because i think we've not brought the fight to the legislators in washington. that's why people are coming by the thousands saturday to join this march because the legislators need to nderstand they need to top talking in a echo chamber to each other positioning politically and deal with the needs of the people. even,
. what exactly is he opposed to? >> joining us to talk about that plan, senator jeanne shaheen, democrat of new hampshire, thank you so much for being here. >> nice to be with you. >> we had the congressman cantor tweeting after this event saying that the president is just in full campaign mode. what is the status of the jobs package at this point? is it dead? >> well, the senate is going to be voting on the jobs package. i think it's important for us to have as many options on the table as we can, for how to grow this economy, how to create jobs and put people back to work. and so i do think we will have a vote in the senate on what the president has proposed. >> although, will it be in the fashion in which the president proposed it, or are you rewriting it? >> you know, i haven't seen it, so it's not clear to me exactly what we're going to have, but, obviously, it will contain many of the provisions that the president has proposed, because they're ideas that we've been talking about in the senate, a number of which have strong bipartisan support. the idea that we need to invest in our
. but not -- i don't think we should expect that today. >> jamie from d.c. for us this afternoon. thank you so much as always. >> thank you. >>> let's try to break down what chris christie's decision will mean for the race for the republican nomination now. we have nationally syndicated talk show host and msnbc contributor michael smerconish. also democratic strategist richard goodstein as well. gentlemen, good afternoon to both of you. >> hi, craig. >> you just heard there, michael, jamie saying her sources expecting christie to announce he is not running. we are assuming this is true, that he's not going to get into this thing. is this a rise choice for him right now? >> i think it probably preserves the isstatus quo for mitt romne. romney doesn't need to win the primary process. a lot are dubious of his credentials. he needs to survive. he's surviving a the a time when i think governor perry is all of a sudden on a slide. good news for romney is my take away. >> richard goodstein, who benefits most from christie not getting in this thing? >> well, look, the fact of the matter is he was goin
to see is efforts to step up pressure in iran in the security council and the united nations with u.s. diplomats going to russia and china saying we know you are reluctant to step up pressure but now we are talking about plots targeting foreign diplomats and saudi diplomats. >> using it as justification. >> china depends on saudi oil. they may have arguments with u.s. foreign policy but they don't want to mess with the saudis. maybe we'll start to see progress in that area. maybe. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. >>> turning to politics now, mitt romney held up under fire as rivals piled on the republican front runner in the g.o.p. debate. rick perry seeming to fade after everyone took aim at herman cain and that three-number plan. >> my top priority is 9-9-9. jobs, jobs, jobs. >> when you take the 9-9-9 plan and you turn it up side down i think the devil's in the details. >> how many people are here for a sales tax in new hampshire? raise your hand. that is how many votes you will get in new hampshire. >> cain tried to turn the tables on romney. >> can you name all 59 point
, matt louis from the daily call in. hello to you both. karen, let's start with you. rick perry showed us the texas fight in him last night. he came out fighting. but the question is, we have been watching, karen, is it enough to reverse a slide. >> it is unclear. here is the problem i think rick perry has right now. he has shown he can attack and attack and attack. but he hasn't been able to answer questions or talk positively about what he would do. and when he has tried do that, he really hasn't done so in a way that anybody's walked way feeling like they understand what he is actually talking about. my other thought was, you know, the more you attack and attack and attack and if you listen o to comments post debate, his negatives are going up because people see him as a bully. that may work as strategy to drag romney down, but again, i don't think you see any movement for perry. so i don't think we know yet whether or not it was successful for him other than the fact that he, you know, basically muddied up romney pretty good. >> talking about negatives matt, what was in the air last n
harwood, thank you very much. >>> the unemployment rate is 9.8% in wyoming. john barrasso joins us. thank you for your time today. the first bill talking about jobs that will be broken out from that original bill that the president wanted that will be introduced in the senate, it will be to save or create what the white house are saying are 400,000 jobs at a cost of $35 billion. what is your thought on that? will you support that? >> richard, you know, the president said that all of the republicans voted against the jobs plan last week. what he forgot to mention is the number of democrats also voted against it. and harry reid blocked two times an opportunity for the senate to vote on the president's original jobs plan, the one he said take it or leave it. so, i'm looking for a way to work together to make it easier and cheaper for the private sector to create jobs in this country. that's what we need to do. even msnbc harold ford jr. in an editorial yesterday in the "washington post" said we ought to have a moratorium on regulations. they are hurting jobs. i heard about it this past weeke
boisterous testimony mop stations, that's common in courtrooms. but he used the word "no cheering" some people have latched onto the word cheering to suggest maybe he is telegraphing are, you know, which way this is going to go. we don't know that. >> lester holt from perugia, we could be get a verdict in two hours. thank you, appreciate that, sir. >> you bet. >>> another big trial under way today, of course, an emergency room doctor on the stand again in the involuntary manslaughter trial of michael jackson's personal physician, dr. conrad murray. that's richelle cooper there cooper authorized paramedics to pronounce jackson dead in his room. friday, she testified that dr. murray did not inform her that jackson had been injected with propofol. >> what was mr. jackson's condition upon arrival at ucla? >> his condition was as described by the parred meics. he was clinically dead. >> nbc's kristen dahlgren is live outside the courthouse this afternoon. what else is cooper testifying about today, kristen? >> reporter: hi there, craig. well, dr. cooper is talking about the life-saving measu
we spend $147 billion on r and d, they say this will be a more efficient use of the money. the second part of the plan would set up a website called business usa, it would allow small businesses, large businesses, to log on and look at the services available to them, including the federal services that would help them to grow and expand their companies, to increase exports. they are aiming to set this up within about 90 days, so there's always a big bottom line question. what exactly does this mean, the white house at this point not saying how many jobs this could create or the exact impact on the economy except to say these initiatives would help businesses grow and expand at a much faster pace. >> besides the executive actions, how else is the white house planning to capitalize on some of this good economic news? >> reporter: craig, it's interesting. the white house is being very cautious. they don't want to make too much of the positive economic indicators that we've seen. of course, the unemployment rate remains above 9%, so they are being incredibly cautious but make the point th
and seen everywhere so anita perry really told us how she feels. a public display of the private side of anita perry today exposing her deep christian faith. >> amen. >> and deep frustration over attacks on her husband's campaign. >> we're being scrutinized by our own party. >> 60% of republican voters say they are christian and today mrs. perry wiped tears recalling her grandfather who had been a deacon and used biblical references to declare that god revealed to her that her husband should run for president. >> he felt like he needed to see the burning bush. i said look, let me tell you something, you may not have seen that burning bush but there are people who have seen it for you. >>> i think the debates have been unfair. i think he has been the recipient of arrows. >> mrs. perry's tone took on a sharp edge later today at more secular campaign events. >> when i hear 9-9-9, i want to call 911. >> someone said it may take 40 years to recover from president obama. if he is re-elected, i don't know that 40 years will be enough. >> so hearing anita perry unfiltered gave us a win do int
. >> there are 21% undecided. what did that number tell us? >> there's still a long time, not only before primary season kicks off, but also before the general election. it is always important to keep in mind that undecided people haven't figured out what they're going to do. it is why we're having so many twists and turns in this presidential contest. >> what about herman cain in terms of these polls? what are voters saying about him? >> he is the new rock star, finishes second in iowa and tied for second in new hampshire. he's had a great run of late. you will be able to see how he performs at tonight's debate. he is the person that caught all the tea party attention. in fact, he beats mitt romney among tea party supporters by a very wide margin in iowa. what we've seen is the tea party supporters have vast lated. first they were donald trump fans, then michele bachmann, then for rick perry, now for herman cain. what matters most is where the people go come january, february. as we know, they are potent voting blocks. >> mark, thank you. >> thanks, craig. >>> to head up the debate, mitt romney
Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)

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